The skilled lawyers at SBLG have represented many people injured by dog bites and animal attacks in Oklahoma. Sadly, children are often the victims in these cases, with many suffering disfigurement, scarring and emotional trauma at a young age. Some even lose their lives. We work tirelessly to help families obtain compensation in these devastating cases.

Dog Bite & Animal Attack Cases

Oklahoma law is favorable to victims of dog bites and animal-related injuries.  Usually the dog owner is held responsible for injuries caused by their animal.  In many dog bite cases, the victim and the dog owner know each other; however, if you do not know a dog’s owner, he or she can usually be identified. Many people believe that a dog must have shown aggressive behavior before biting a person, and that the dog owner knew the dog was aggressive, in order to hold the owner responsible but in many cases a dog’s good behavior before an attack does not shield the owner from liability.

Studies have shown that almost 90% of all dog bite and attack cases involve pit bulls. While some other breeds of dog are considered more prone to bite or more generally aggressive, pit bulls combine their sometimes aggressive behavior with a powerful jaw and heavily muscled frame. This mix of temperament and strength increase the likelihood of a dog bite incident resulting in serious injuries, such as head injuries, disfigurement, paralysis, and even death.

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