Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head injuries are one of the most common causes of death and disability in Oklahoma and throughout the United States. Serious head injuries may cause damage to the brain, resulting in incapacity and a lifetime of treatment and care. At SBLG, we handle catastrophic injury cases with skill and compassion, wholly committed to helping our clients obtain the compensation they need to move past tragedy.

Every year, almost a quarter million people are hospitalized because of traumatic injuries to the brain, and 50,000 people die. While trauma is required to cause a head injury, the trauma does not have to be violent. Slipping and falling or falling into a hard object may be enough to cause damage. More than 50% of traumatic brain injuries are attributed to motor vehicle crashes, with industrial accidents being another common cause of head injuries.

Generally, head injuries are classified as either open or closed. Open head injuries break or crush the bones of the skull, injuring the brain and allowing germs to come in contact with the brain. They are emergencies that require immediate medical care.

On the other hand, closed head injuries do not break through the bones of the skull, and while the skull may have fractured, the scalp is not cut or scraped. Closed head injuries are usually caused by a hard blow or impact that jars the brain within the skull, causing bruising, swelling, stretching or tearing of the brain tissue, nerves or blood vessels.

If you or a loved one has suffered a head injury in an accident, please contact SBLG to schedule a free initial consultation. If you are receiving treatment or recovering for an injury, we will meet with you in your home, hospital room or another place of convenience.