Medical Negligence Claims

SBLG has substantial experience handling litigation involving the healthcare industry, and has helped many Oklahomans recover compensation in medical negligence lawsuits.

Medical professionals have a duty to provide treatment that meets the professional standard of care; when they fail to do so, they may be liable to patients or their families for resulting injuries and/or wrongful death. Medical malpractice litigation arises when medical procedures, medical devices, or medications are handled in a negligent, reckless, or incorrect manner, causing injuries or death to patients. Our lawyers have the skill and experience to represent clients in claims involving a wide range of medical mistakes, including:

    • Surgical errors
    • Misdiagnosis
    • Birth injuries and delivery mistakes causing birth trauma and disabilities
    • Errors in administering anesthesia
    • Medication errors leading to injury or death
    • Failure to fully inform a patient of the risks of a treatment or drug

When people are sick or injured, they expect to receive competent treatment from knowledgeable and practiced physicians and staff. Unfortunately, doctors and hospitals sometimes make unacceptable oversights and mistakes that harm their patients. According to a study by Johns Hopkins, an estimated 250,000 people die in the United States from medical errors. Medical malpractice is now the third leading cause of death in the US.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or death due to a medical professional’s oversight or mistake you may be able to recover substantial compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. Economic losses often include medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and other costs. Noneconomic damages can include wrongful death, pain and suffering, emotional distress, grief, and loss of companionship.

Our attorneys understand how to build strong medical negligence cases, ensuring that all evidentiary requirements are met, so that you may receive the maximum amount of compensation available to you under the law.

If you feel that you or someone you love has been the victim of medical negligence, please contact SBLG for a free consultation. We will schedule an appointment in your home or hospital room if necessary, and as our client, you pay no attorney fees unless we recover compensation your behalf.