After a house fire, tornado, roofing incident, accident or other loss, we depend on insurance companies to keep their promise and help us recover. However, as many people have learned, insurance companies generally do everything they can to avoid paying you what you deserve. This determination is always dependent on your insurance policy language, and the coverage nuances that go along with the language and the policy as a whole. 

Insurance and “Bad Faith” Litigation

In addition, insurance companies owe their insureds a duty of good faith and fair dealing when it comes to the handling of their claims.  Often, this duty is breached.  “Bad faith” litigation has developed over approximately the last 40 years in Oklahoma.  Bad faith can cost you everything you have worked for, which is even more important when you consider that we purchase insurance so we are protected from unexpected events in life. However, when the unexpected happens and our insurance company refuses to pay, we are many times left without an option.

SBLG has extensive experience in exploring the adequacy of claims handling and the nuances of insurance coverage.  If you think an insurance company has committed or is committing bad faith, you need the skills of an experienced lawyer.

Please contact SBLG at 918-912-2000.  We would be honored to provide you assistance if you are encountering a situation like this.