When a consumer buys or uses a product, he or she expects that the product will be safe for its intended use. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. SBLG is experienced in handling products liability litigation, and is prepared to invest the time, effort and analysis that defective product cases often require.

Product Liability Cases

The goal of products liability law is to protect consumers from dangerous and/or defective products by holding manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers liable for allowing a dangerous product to enter the marketplace. A products liability claim may involve:

    • Dangerous and/or defective motor vehicle components, including airbags and seatbelts
    • Dangerous and/or defective appliances, including water heaters and washing machines
    • Contaminated foods or beverages
    • Foreign objects in processed foods or beverages
    • Dangerously flammable apparel
    • Dangerous cosmetics and household chemicals
    • Dangerous building and construction materials, such as asbestos
    • Defective equipment or machinery causing industrial accidents
    • Potentially dangerous prescription drugs and/or inadequate drug warning labels
    • Dangerous and/or defective materials or devices used in medical procedures
    • Products that are harmful to children

In many cases, a product is dangerous because of a manufacturing defect.  In others, the danger relates to a design defect. Manufacturing defects include oversights or errors made in the manufacturing process, such as generally poor workmanship and the use of subpar materials. Design defects occur when the product’s design is inherently dangerous regardless of how carefully the product is manufactured.

A product liability case may also arise from a failure to warn consumers of a product’s danger. For example, a prescription drug may harm a patient if used in combination with certain other drugs, but a patient can avoid the danger when properly warned by drug companies and health care providers. The relevant dangers in failure-to-warn cases are present no matter how well the product is manufactured and designed for its intended purpose.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed by a dangerous product in Oklahoma, please contact the lawyers at SBLG for a free consultation to discuss your case. As our client, you pay no fees until we win compensation on your behalf.